Add Some Sparkle To Your Party


You’re not just planning a Wedding. You have the Engagement Party, the Bridal Shower, the Bachelorette Party, the Rehearsal Dinner, the Pre-Wedding Party with the Bridesmaids, the (Wedding) After Party, and the Post-Wedding Brunch. Whew! One of the absolute best and most sophisticated ways to kick off each event with a sparkling, bubbling, sweet burst of energy is with a glass of Voveti ProseccoVoveti Prosecco is a unique marriage between the cool-climate viticulture of northern Italy’s most acclaimed Prosecco regions in Veneto, and the superb winemaking of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The result of over 100 years of family winemaking expertise, Voveti brings together the Ferrer family’s sparkling wine legacy with the Collavini family’s mastery in crafting some of Italy’s finest whites. The result is a refined Prosecco with freshness, elegance and lingering depth.


Curtain Up Events owner Danielle Bobish hits the dance floor at a Glasshouses event with her glass of Voveti Prosecco in hand. Photo: Windau Photography.


Crafted from 100% Prosecco grapes, Voveti Prosecco is a brut DOC Prosecco with tempered acidity and a fresh, graceful profile. Voveti Prosecco delivers a fresh, foamy mousse with honeysuckle on the nose, along with a creamy texture. Marked by fine persistent bubbles, the wine features flavors of green apple, melon and ripe peach that endure on the palate and invite a second glass.



As your guests arrive to your Wedding and other events/parties related to your Wedding, watch their faces light up when they are greeted by trays with glasses of Voveti Prosecco. It brings the elegance, the flavor, and the fun. Every event related to your Wedding will have a toast… fill those glasses with Voveti Prosecco!


The Cocktail Gurus Pamela Wiznitzer pours a glass of Voveti Prosecco at an event at The Glasshouses. Photo: Windau Photography.


Voveti Prosecco is wonderful on its own, but also pairs brilliantly with dishes like Prosciutto with melon, Caesar salad, risottos, fried or baked fish, chicken, seared scallops, steamed crab, skewered shrimp, pasta, Asian cuisine like Chinese, Thai, Indian, or Sushi, and desserts including fruity desserts, cookies, strawberries, and panna cotta.

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A Day in the Life

After carefully researching and considering the vendors that work your wedding- the photographer, caterer, florist, etc.- many couples find they loved them so much, they call on them again for future milestones; Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and so on. Adena Stevens is the owner of  Studio A Images. She has come up with something very special

Adena Stevens: My photography roots began with a career in photojournalism. I found immense joy getting to know the communities I moved to while shooting for the local newspapers and getting the opportunities to document people’s daily lives. That documentation of daily life is what I am now bringing to my portrait sessions – telling the stories of you and your family: Those every day simple things that we may take for granted. Those little moments that you will want to remember forever. The natural interactions of you with your family.


To find out more about Studio A Images, or the family sessions, go to:



Elevated Private Dining With Contemporary Japanese Cuisine At Zuma

We recently discovered a restaurant and private dining venue that was so sensational to the palate, as well the artistic eye, we couldn’t help but imagine the creative possibilities for the big day. Zuma, a contemporary Japanese dining destination located on Madison Avenue in the high 30s, delivers more than what initially meets the eye. Upon arrival on a Wednesday evening for a 7 o’clock dinner reservation, the hotspot that occupies space along two spacious floors, immediately struck us as bold, interesting, and massive. The Asian fusion eatery with locations around the world boasts elevated views, imported handcrafted architecture, and several private and semi-private spaces that are easily customizable to one’s own purposes.

The menu is plentiful and not the least bit mysterious. The staff go above and beyond to extend their knowledge of the menu, to the point that we found their expertise so spot on, we wondered if we had encountered the chef firsthand. The quality of the ingredients used are so supreme to anything wed ever tasted, it somehow made us eager to learn the story of the cuisine before us. It is readily apparent from the moment one is seated that service is of the utmost importance to the foundation of Zuma, and that hospitality is a major element of the experience as a whole.

On the second floor of this midtown hotspot that has hosted parties for the likes of Carmelo Anthony and other big names, handsome private dining spaces are available and customizable to parties of varying sizes and tastes. Although perfectly suitable for a wedding that stands apart from the rest, Zuma seems to best cater to functions surrounding engagement parties, bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, and other unique private events. The rooms are equipped with projector screens for viewing (in case you wanted to pop in a slideshow of the ol college days!), as well state of the art stereo systems, but in such a way that it is not obstructive and barely noticeable until you want it to be. Fine handcrafted furniture made of wood and leather, chairs and couches, and an inviting dining scene that encourages sharing amidst a family style aesthetic, the ambiance is relaxed, yet masculine. Perfectly suitable for a personal affair or a business board meeting, the space is as versatile as its menu, and offers privacy and exclusivity.

Whether a meal to remember or the occasion of a lifetime, Zuma is a dining destination in Manhattan that is not to be missed. For reservations, call 212.544.9862 or have a look at their website at



The top penthouse floor of this Fifth Avenue Beaux Arts landmark building will take your breath away with commanding views in every direction. High in the New York City skyline stands Manhattan Penthouse, a venue that defines romance with its expansive views, radiant space, and culinary mastery. Centrally located near Union Square, Manhattan Penthouse will take your breath away with 360 degrees of unobstructed views from surrounding signature Palladian windows. The space is immaculately designed to be a combination of traditional penthouse meets modern sleek loft, presenting a uniquely handsome setting that exudes New York style like no other. 

As guests enter the luxurious space of the Penthouse, they are met with elegant décor and unparalleled panoramic views of Manhattan from Wall Street to Times Square. Transcendent ceremonies may take place before the starry New York skyline, with the Empire State Building as the backdrop behind the celebrated couple. The moment where you say I Do will enamor friends and family, and live on as a magical tale to be told for generations.

Manhattan Penthouse may accommodate up to 200 guests, as they savor in delectable fare and fine spirits by the charming grand oak and stained glass bar, and dance the night away amidst an extraordinary horizon. Creativity is boundless at Manhattan Penthouse with gourmet cuisine, custom lighting, sound equipment, and an expert team that specializes in exceeding expectations. Manhattan Penthouse is dedicated to delivering world-class service, complete with professional event coordination to fully customize every detail. In-house planners ensure a seamless production, and work closely with couples to achieve their vision.

Any true New Yorker knows that it’s all about location. Manhattan Penthouse is the location. It is the epitome of what all New York weddings should aspire to be. The first day of the rest of your life together deserves nothing less than the paramount affair that only Manhattan Penthouse can inspire. After a night of revelry, Manhattan Penthouse awakens in the early sunlight to a new day of preparations for its next memorable celebration.

Manhattan Penthouse is located at: 80 Fifth Avenue by the corner of 14th Street. For more information, call: 212-627-8838, or go to:

Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve

photo: Rebecca Yale Portraits


If I Could Do It All Over… Former brides reflect on what they wish they had done differently with their Weddings, and offer advice to a new generation of engaged couples.


Malina, Park Slope: “I wish we hired a videographer to document our day. It all goes by so fast, and while I love looking at our photographs, it would be nice to be able to watch it in motion from our television screen.” 

Blake, Upper West Side: “Our wedding was beautiful and I don’t regret a thing, but sometimes I’ll find a small detail and go, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ One idea I loved but didn’t think to do: Ask the guests to write down a requested song on the RSVP card, that way everyone will get up and dance to their favorite tunes!” 

Kate, Nolita: “Definitely take a deep breath and relax! I worried about everything so excessively and unnecessarily. It all came together so beautifully, and I felt so silly afterward that I stressed out as much as I did.

Claudine, Gramercy: “I was afraid to use a Wedding Planner because I wanted every aspect to reflect our taste rather than someone else’s. I realized the hard way that just because you collaborate with someone to plan your Wedding, doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing your presence in the details. It probably would have relieved me of a lot of planning headaches!” 

Riley, Lower Manhattan: “My dress was gorgeous, but I couldn’t move. If dancing, sitting, or walking down the aisle feels like a difficult task, go with something else. It’s not worth it, and I ended up looking stiff in photographs anyway. Just be comfortable and have a great time.” 

Francesca, Brooklyn: “I should have let my bridesmaids choose what they wanted to wear. Having everyone stay in uniform turned into a hassle, and keeping everybody happy was an impossible feat. I think if I had let them express their individual style, it would have been a better overall experience. Also, maybe having eleven bridesmaids was too much.” 

Grayson, Tribeca: “I wouldn’t change a thing about my Wedding it was perfect the BEST day of my life!

5 Ways To De-Stress And Unwind Before Your Wedding Day

Being a New Yorker is no easy feat. Conquering crowds at rush hour, and making the most of limited square footage- we are champions for endless reasons. Now being a bride in New York City that takes some real super hero strength! If your precious closet space is beginning to resemble a wedding favor warehouse, or youve traded in your quiet nights at home for bustling evenings checking out the citys hottest vendors, you may be in need of some time to relax, unwind, and decompress. Weve come up with 5 ways you can do all that and more, so you can enjoy the process (and hold on to your sanity!).

1. Get Yourself To The Spa

Lets be honest- you need this! Whatever makes you feel wonderful and refreshed, just splurge for it. The Spa at Trump SoHo brings luxury to utopia with their exclusive Hydra Facial Deluxe, just perfect for any of those stress break outs you might be experiencing. Uptown at Hotel Plaza Athénée, Spa Valmont offers divine body wraps that reinvent the mind, body, and spirit. If there was ever a time to get a massage, its now.

2. Go For A Local Getaway With Your Fiancé

We get it- youre busy, making decisions left and right, and theres no time to jet off to Bermuda. Theres no reason that you cant take a local romantic retreat with the love of your life for the weekend! No passports, no TSA check-in a vacation awaits you right at home. Whether you check in for two nights at The Plaza Hotel or The Carlton for a little R&R, sometimes theres no place like home (away from home). Rediscover your love for New York from another perspective at one of NYCs iconic hotels. For a real escape just outside the city, Oheka Castle offers romantic overnight accommodations within their fairy tale abode. In-room massages, champagne with strawberries, and private dining are just some of the ways Oheka customizes a marvelous stay.

3. Lunch With The Ladies

Your girls are there for you, and are all too happy to indulge in a lovely ladies lunch at one of the many delectable or scenic restaurants of Manhattan. Chitchatting over a Baby Kale And Asian Pear Salad and glass of Prosecco at Bryant Park Grill melts the stress right off. Taking the time to speak your mind, connect with your friends, and stimulating your taste buds, will undoubtedly boost the spirits and recharge your wedding planning battery.

4. Embrace The Season

Its summer, so get out there! Soak up the sun and float in the pool at the Castle Hotel & Spa. Thursdays at the Castle includes a Poolside Summer Pairing Series at Equus, where you can enjoy an eclectic selection of wines and spirits, along with scrumptious fare, beside the spectacular poolside ambience of the Castle. Located in Tarrytown, this Summer Series is hosted every Thursday night through August 20th, 6:30-8:30pm. Need to de-stress during the cooler months? Check out the warm and cozy atmosphere from within The Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park with each room equipped with a telescope for viewing the spectacular views, you can cozy up in a warm bathrobe, and look out on to the snow globe of the city.

5. Find Your Zen At Home

Cant seem to make a breakaway from home? No problem. There are plenty of ways to take the ordinary out from home. Turn your run-of-the-mill shower into an aromatherapy garden with a product such as ESSIO. The worlds first aromatherapy diffuser for the shower, ESSIO turns the everyday shower into a spa-like experience using 100% organic essential oils. Simply attach it to your shower head, pop in the pod of your choice, turn off the light, and youll find yourself in an all new exotic and relaxing space.

For more ideas on how to relax and enjoy your wedding to the fullest, pick up a copy of the 2015 Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition!